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Bhopal St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral

Ashoka Garden, Govindpura

Bhopal M. P. India



Welcome to Bhopal St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral

Count off Seven Sabbaths of years- seven times Seven years- so that seven Sabbaths of years amount to a period of Forty-nine years. Leviticus. 25:8



“In this way you shall set the fiftieth year apart and proclaim freedom to all the inhabitants of the land”. (Leviticus. 25:10), “Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, Holy and pleasing to God- this is your spiritual acts of worship. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transform by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is- His good, pleasing and perfect will” (Rom 12:1&2)


St. Thomas

Bhopal St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral is one of the parishes of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church of the East (Indian Orthodox Church) whose supreme head is the Catholicose of the East. It is proclaimed fact that the Orthodox Syrian Church of the east was established in Kerala, India and the Apostle of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The History claims that St. Thomas established the church in A.D.52.

It is interesting to note that the formation of Madhya Pradesh, India and the beginning of the St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Bhopal are almost same in the period. Madhya Pradesh came to existence in November 1956 and the St. Thomas Orthodox church was established on 24th March 1957.

In the later half of 1950s, the Christian community of Bhopal which included the Orthodox, Catholics and Protestant had united prayer meetings. The priest of Marthoma church visited occasionally and conducted the Holy Qurbana (Mass). But the members of the Orthodox Church felt the necessity of having a separate identity. Rev. C.V. Abraham visited Bhopal and conducted First Holy Qurbana at the C.I.P.B. Railway Church, Bhopal and this was the beginning of a new parish in the Outside Kerala Dioceses and established the St. Thomas Orthodox Parish in Bhopal the Capital City of Madhya Pradesh. Since then the prayer meetings were conducted on all Sundays and the drive for uniting our members were started. Incidentally it is worthwhile to note that Heavy Electricals (P) Ltd (Then Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd) was established in 1957 and this establishment has attracted a large number of people and this has paved the way for most of our members to come over to Bhopal. H.G. Lamented Daniel Mar Philexenos Metropolitan visited Bhopal. Rev. Fr. K.K.Punnoose (Then His Grace Dr. Stephanos Mar Theodosius Metropolitan of Calcutta Diocese) also visited this parish during his stay at Jabalpur in the year 1952 -58.


The divine inspiration from God and hard work of few Orthodox Christians of Bhopal resulted in the birth of St. Thomas Orthodox Parish at Bhopal under the Catholicate of the East who adorned the Apostolic throne of St. Thomas. Gradually the membership has been increased and it was found necessary for having a priest of our own and therefore the then Diocesan Metropolitan, H.G. Lamented Alexios Mar Theodosius (Then the Metropolitan of outside Kerala Diocese) was requested to depute a priest to Bhopal. The Diocesan Metropolitan was pleased to accept our request and accordingly Rev. Fr. K.K.Punnoose (Then His Grace Dr. Stephanos Mar Theodosius Metropolitan of Calcutta Diocese), the then vicar of Jabalpur Parish was appointed as The First Vicar of Bhopal Parish also and thus he used to visit Bhopal parish occasionally for catering the spiritual needs of members and also conducted the Holy Qurbana on every Fifth Sunday of the month. This arrangement was continued till May 1959. In 1957 the First General Body meeting was held with 18 Members viz S/Shri K.C. Alexander, K. Eappen, C.T. George, M.A. Jacob, P.J. Joseph, C.C. Joel, P.T. John, V.K. Kuruvilla, K. Mathai, Mathai Varghese, T. Thomas, K.I. Tharu, K.J. Varghese, E.O. Varghese, K.I. Yohannan, T.V. Joseph and V.A. Varghese. It is our bounden duty to bow our heads in reverence to those founder members who have afforded this facility to us for having a parish of our own in this Capital city of Madhya Pradesh and that too one among the top parishes in the outside Kerala having high potentiality.

In the early sixties the Bhopal congregation neither had a church nor even a plot of land of its own. The authority’s parish hall at Amirganj, St. Redeemer’s Church, Rev. Khanna’s Evangelical church, UN and Bethlehem church extended their helping hand for conducting the Sunday services.

From that time onwards miraculously the progress of the parish took place which led to the present gracious stage.


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