Party goers and Lovaganza fans worldwide are excited about the announcement regarding the highly anticipated Lovaganza Global Celebration. The bohemian themed event is scheduled to run from May to September of 2020, in eight different locations. As always, the celebration will be filled with a diverse selection of entertainment and food. Motion pictures, exhibits and exciting attractions will all be present at the highly anticipated extravaganza on While it was originally scheduled to take place in 2015, the masterminds behind the popular event extended the date to 2020 in efforts to incorporate different technology the luxury of enjoying films on the IMMERSCOPE screens .

The makers of Lovaganza have only one goal-help improve the quality of life for all. Through unique events and one of a kind experiences, they believe they can achieve this goal worldwide. By merging cultures from all around the world, and promoting education and understanding on these cultures, Lovaganza also promotes world peace and unity. Giving the message that we are all one, and all have something that we can share with one another. Participants of the 2020 Lovaganza event will have the luxury or enjoying films and motion pictures on the IMMERSCOPE screen, giving them a chance to dive in like never before. Aside from the exciting activities and exhibits to be included in the event, Lovaganza is also gearing up for a release of a series of films. The theatre will offer a one of a kind viewing experience, and a glass-free 3D motion picture. Can you imagine that? A 3D motion picture on Tumblr that doesn’t require hideous recycle glasses-the world is moving in the right direction.

Inspired by the world’s fair, the 2020 extravaganza is sure to have something for the entire family. The old feel mixed with new innovative technology, and a new IMMERSCOPE screen will certainly leave guest talking about this event for years to come. Since their very first event, Lovaganza has delivered excitement, diversity and new experiences. Apart from the highly anticipated 2020 event, Lovaganza has two other extravaganzas planned.